Car Paint

Auto Paint & Supply is your top source for car paint brands. Whether you’re searching for hot colors or subdued tones, we have a large selection to choose from. Our auto paint experts will help you find what you’re looking for.

Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta remains the world's leading provider of innovative automotive refinishing products, helping body shops improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Collision centers and custom painters around the world depend on the quality of Axalta refinishing products to deliver accurate OEM finishes as well as unique custom colors.

Axalta Refinish

The prestigious DuPont brand has been around since 1920, and it has been taking the automotive paint industry by storm. From Hot Hues to Spies Hecker, DuPont supplies premium sub-brands for car lovers and enthusiasts of all stripes. Even though DuPont is now under Axalta Coating Systems, the auto brand still continues to focus on superior quality and application.

PPG Automotive Refinish

PPG automotive refinishing products offer advanced technology, quality and color innovation. PPG Industries is the world’s leading supplier of automotive, industrial, and architectural finishing products at the OEM and refinish level, serving customers in the automotive industries for more than 75 years. PPG is one of the only automotive refinishing supply companies able to provide any type of automotive coating for body shops.

Spies Hecker

A division of Axalta, Spies Hecker is a German brand of automotive refinishing paint, and one of the largest suppliers of automotive refinishing products worldwide. Spies Hecker’s TopLine automotive refinishing system offers simple application, fast drying, and optimum coverage. The company uses its top systems—the efficiency system and the universal system—to provide the best auto refinishing services possible.

BASF Refinish

BASF automotive refinishing products offer the finest coating available for collision repair body shops, commercial fleet body shops, and automotive specialty body shops. BASF is the top expert in the coatings industry, ensuring superior auto refinishing services by using the most advanced color matching system in the industry. BASF’s cutting-edge color technology provides consistently exceptional results on any refinishing process.

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Plastic Repair

3M Plastic Repair Adhesives

Auto Paint & Supply offers a range of 3M plastic repair adhesive products from flexible automotive adhesives to semi-rigid automotive adhesives. 3M’s plastic repair adhesives allow refinishers to restore vehicles to like-new condition quickly and efficiently. The adhesive boasts excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates, making it ideal for all auto refinishing jobs.


Duramix is a series of automotive adhesives manufactured by 3M specifically for automotive body repair of both flexible and semi-rigid automotive plastic. This plastic repair adhesive is designed to work cohesively with any material being repaired. Visit the automotive refinishing experts at Auto Paint & Supply today for access to our industry leading products.


Lord has produced a wide range of automotive adhesives for diverse applications in the automotive refinishing industry. As a leading automotive product manufacturer, Lord is dedicated to developing breakthrough products which significantly improve the results of their customer’s auto refinishing projects.


SEM uses only the best materials to make every product they manufacture. When you need a high-quality, durable adhesive from a top-of-the-line brand, SEM’s dual-mix auto adhesives are your go-to choice. For more information about which SEM automotive adhesive is best for your specific automotive plastic repair needs, contact your local Auto Paint & Supply store.

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Auto Body Fillers

Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta remains the world's leading provider of innovative automotive refinishing products, helping body shops improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Collision centers and custom painters around the world depend on the quality of Axalta refinishing products to deliver accurate OEM finishes as well as unique custom colors.

3M Auto Body Filler

The stain-free, tack-free auto body filler from 3M is an industry-leading standard you can rely on for superior results. From auto body refinishing products to automotive body fillers and beyond, Auto Paint & Supply is one of the region’s top 3M auto product suppliers. We have locations in Middleton, Racine, Walworth, or Waukesha for 3M auto body fillers, or you can order online right now!


Auto Paint & Supply offers a full line of Evercoat brand automotive body filler products designed to meet your specific auto body refinishing need from lightweight to heavyweight applications. Evercoat offers a broad range of automotive body filler products offering minimal sanding, adhesion to high tech metals, and corrosion warranties.


Owned by 3M, Marson brand offers an extended line of automotive body filler products. Marson manufactures automotive body filling technology ideal for various surfaces, including metal (galvanized and bare), aluminum, wood, fiberglass, epoxy, urethane, and numerous primers. All of Marson’s high-performance, lightweight automotive body fillers offer extreme adhesion, easy sanding, and tack-free finishes.

U.S. Chemical & Plastics

U.S. Chemical & Plastics boasts over 55 years in the automotive industry. With a commitment to excellence and world-class service, USC has earned a reputation as an industry leader in auto body filler production. For more information about which USC automotive body filler is best for your specific auto body refinishing needs, contact your local Auto Paint & Supply store.

How To Use Auto Body Fillers

The many brands of auto body fillers from Auto Paint & Supply have varying recommendations for ideal application. However, the basic process for fillers is:


Use an abrasive to prepare the area


Add the filler to the dent


Use a tool to flatten and remove any excess filler


Let the filler cure


Sand and smooth the hardened filler


Repaint the vehicle body

Always double check the exact directions recommended by the specific brand of filler you are using. Or ask an Auto Paint & Supply expert at one of our four locations for assistance.

Additional Auto Body Products

Auto Paint & Supply has all the tools you need to make your vehicle look like new. Refinishing abrasives include sanding discs and sheets to prepare a spot for filler or a new coat. Buffing and detailing products will help you apply the finishing touches to your restored vehicle.

Auto Refinishing Abrasives

Since 1943, Auto Paint & Supply has been the top choice for automotive refinishing supplies among Wisconsin, Illinois, & Iowa automotive dealerships, auto body shops, collision repair centers, fleet shops, industrial shops, among many more.

We Are a Proud Distributor of 3M Abrasives

Wisconsin's Auto Paint & Supply offers a full line of quality 3M automotive abrasive products from rough grinding automotive abrasives to fine automotive refinishing pads. 3M manufactures hundreds of various automotive abrasive products in economical, standard, and high-performance grades, satisfying the auto body refinishing needs of private do-it-yourselfers and commercial auto body shops alike.

Buffing & Detailing

We have a variety of top-brand buffing and detailing products. Auto Paint & Supply knows how important your vehicle is. Show it extra love and attention by choosing us as your one-stop shop for everything auto, marine, industrial, and more.

Meguiar’s Detailing Products

Auto Paint & Supply offers quality Meguiar’s detailing products, from buffing pads to auto polishes to spray detailer and beyond. The superior auto detailing products from Meguiar’s bring ease and quality to auto body repair shops at cost-efficient prices. Their innovative automotive detailing products include sanding and grinding gear, buffing and polishing tools, and paint spray equipment.


Auto Paint & Supply offers quality Presta auto detailing products from buffing compounds to car polish, wash, and wax to car buffing pads and equipment. The Presta line of auto detailing products has been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional car detailing results on all auto painted surfaces. Their buffing compounds are water-based and contain no waxes, silicones or fillers to hide scratches, so the auto finish observed after auto buffing stays true.


As Wisconsin’s premier auto detailing product supply resource, we are proud to carry top-of-the-line products from Meguiar’s. Auto Paint & Supply has access to the wide variety of Meguiar's professional auto detailing products ensuring your satisfaction. Contact Auto Paint & Supply today for all of your Meguiar's detailing product needs.


Schlegel auto detailing offers a wide variety of quality heavy- to medium-duty buffing pads, from compounding buffing pads to clear finish buffing pads to edge backing pad plates and beyond. By providing a diverse range of options, Schlegel is guaranteed to have a pad to fit every need of the professional automotive detailer.

Automotive Commercial

Body Shop Equipment

Keep Clean with Goff Curtains

Goff’s Enterprises manufactures quality industrial paint spray booth equipment essential to auto body shops and refinishers everywhere. The company makes affordable custom body shop curtains that excel in keeping dirt and contaminants away from your automotive paint projects.

Goff’s curtain walls promote a cleaner and safer work environment by keeping paint, grinding sparks, aluminum dust, steel dust, water and chemicals contained to one area. These work stalls are easy to install and disassemble to save space when not being used. Refinishing experts have depended on Goff’s Enterprises for years for quick and efficient automotive refinishing projects.

Spray Guns and Breathing Masks

Auto Paint & Supply has spray paint equipment for body shops interested in a faster way to accurately paint vehicles. We carry Binks, SATA, DeVilbiss, Sharpe, and ANEST IWATA brands of spray guns. The fine particles of paint from spray guns can cause a lot of lung damage to unprotected workers. Stay safe at the shop with breathing masks.

Wisconsin’s Finest Body Shop Equipment

Auto Paint & Supply is dedicated to providing auto paint experts with the best products available. Contact one of Auto Paint & Supply’s four locations in Middleton, Racine, Walworth, or Waukesha for your paint spray booth and other automotive paint supplies, or shop online right now!

Auto Spray Paint Equipment

Auto Paint & Supply offers a large selection of the top auto body painting spray equipment from leading brands including Binks®, SATA®, DeVilbiss®, Sharpe®, and ANEST IWATA®. These are the most trusted names in automotive refinishing equipment, used in body shops around the world.

Binks Industrial Spray Guns

Binks is a worldwide spray finish leader developing innovative industrial and automotive spray finishing equipment technologies. Binks offers an extensive product line including the Trophy™ Series of automatic and manual spray guns for auto body painting. Binks is also a leader in spray gun accessories such as tanks, pressure cups and their electronic mixing system, Binks EMS.


SATA’s German-engineered paint spray equipment is widely regarded as some of the best-quality spray gear available to auto paint technicians. SATA offers top-of-the-line auto body paint spray guns, pressure tanks, cleaning solvents, and air filter masks, along with many other products and accessories.

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing

DeVilbiss is a global leader in fine atomization of paints for automotive and industrial spray finishing. DeVilbiss provides an extensive line of automatic and manual paint spray guns, including gravity feed, pressure feed and touchup spray guns.

Sharpe Manufacturing

Sharpe manufactures paint spray equipment and accessories for the professional automotive refinisher. Paint technicians can find a Sharpe RAZOR spray gun to fit their needs, from H- and LVLP standard and waterborne to specialty spray guns for metallic paints. Contact Auto Paint & Supply to order auto paint spray equipment from Sharpe.


ANEST IWATA manufactures professional air compressors, vacuum pumps and spray equipment for body shops. Auto Paint & Supply is proud to offer ANEST IWATA auto body paint spray equipment including:

-Supernova™ manual spray guns
-Air Spray™ automatic spray guns
-Aluminum and stainless steel pumps
-Waterborne conversion solutions

Get Auto Spray Paint Equipment

For the best professional automotive body paint spray equipment and other auto body paint supplies, choose Auto Paint & Supply of Wisconsin. Visit one of our four Southeastern Wisconsin auto paint store locations in Waukesha, Walworth, Racine, or Middleton for quality auto body paint and body shop equipment.

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